My passion for fitness first started when I was training for my selection process in the British army. As I served more years and experienced many challenges all over the world my passion grew stronger and I began to seek every challenge I could put my body through. I’ve experienced combat in all conditions and I have grown to believe that functional fitness is the most beneficial in day to day activities or challenges you may want to undertake, this has worked for me in challenges such as sailing the Atlantic Ocean in 21 days NewYork - Portsmouth, climbing a number of peaks, rowing the channel a number of personal body transformations in gaining weight and also cutting weight while fighting K1.

I can help you achieve your goals by providing you with personalized training and nutritional plans, 1-1, group fitness or classes all in a private facility learning proper/Safe techniques around your schedule.



Dedicated personal trainer and bikini athlete wanting to change the way you feel about yourself!

I started training 2 years ago when I was never happy with the way I looked and hated how “skinny” I was, how all you could see was bones. That’s when I decided it was time to do something about it! Weight training was the best thing I ever did! It’s not only improved the way I look and feel but, I’ve been able to put my dedication and hard work into competing in a bodybuilding competition, now I want you to make that change you want and show no one but yourself...YOU CAN DO IT!

I use a variety of training methods to suit each individual from the latest techniques in exercise, cardio and strength! I deliver fitness, weight loss and nutrition programs for all individuals no matter your goal.

Offering both 1-2-1 and group personal training sessions tailored to you, with the option of having a customised nutrition plan or receiving your calories and macros and eating more freely.



I have been in the fitness industry for 5 years now loving every minute of it.

I wasn’t really into fitness when I was younger as I was over weight and hated sports when I was 17 I started watching bodybuilders and found there hard work and dedication inspirational it was from then on I started my own fitness career, I competed at 18 and got all the way to the British finals, then I decided to compete again at 20 where I won the Scottish junior physique category.

However being in the fitness industry has made me love all things fitness. I’m a strong believe that one person can make a big difference to i like to be that one person helping people achieve there fitness goals bring me unimaginable joy seeing the smile on there face when they can fit into jeans they haven’t put on sins before there baby or getting some one ready for there wedding day so many people have so many goals no matter how big or how small I want to help.


We are always looking for new people to become part of the Warrior team. if you think you would be a good fit, bring something new, or just want to help people achieve their potential, get in touch with us to start a conversation.

We offer different setups for classes, personal training and facilities unlike anywhere else.