After the challenge of canoeing 20 miles from Nantwich to Chester, gym owner, Simeon, decided that we could top that…. More than double the distance, and row The English Channel from Ramsgate to Belgium!

The first challenge was to find another 14 people as crazy as us! Surprisingly, they weren’t hard to find, in fact, they actually they found us!

The charity was a no brainer! We decided to attempt the challenge in aid of the Hospice of the good Shepard; a wonderful cause which has supported many local people in Cheshire.

56 miles across the English Channel is no easy task…. Let the hardcore training commence! Back to back Warrior classes and group training sessions were in order!

The donations came in thick and fast, further motivating us to smash the challenge and make sure we got those rowing boats all the way to Belgium!

Before we knew it, it was time…

We all met @ Warrior Training Strength And Conditioning on the Thursday morning and were very kindly seen of by Chester’s Dee 106.3 , who also gifted us with sandwiches for the journey! Thanks guys; those carbs were needed!

We hopped in our kindly donated vans from @ garic van hire vans, filled up with our donated fuel cards from DTP. We arrived at Ramsgate later that evening, with time for a quick fuel up and a few hours sleep, before we met with our support crew @ Ramsgate Marina @4.00am.

The two teams of 8 got comfortable (well, as comfortable as possible!) in their team boats and began their blurry eyed, 56-mile journey to Belgium.

Quickly picking up the technique, we rowed as the sun came up, witnessing some breath-taking views of the sunrise. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Roughly 10 hours later we hit the French coastline where we were advised to abort mission as the conditions were changing rapidly! The wind was against us and the tide was going out! We were rowing with every ounce of our efforts and getting nowhere fast! But we were determined to finish.

7 GRUELLING HOURS LATER! We crossed the Belgium border!    WE MADE IT!! With most of us painfully sunburnt, covered in blisters and drained of energy, we didn’t care, because we had just rowed all the way to Belgium!

The final part to this story is dedicated to everyone who made this happen!


Thanks to….

  • Our entire rowing team
  • Chester’s Dee 106.3 – The Commercials
  • Subway
  • Garic hire
  • Haigh rail
  • Access height solutions
  • DTP
  • Warrior Members
  • Everyone who donated to our raffle

This was one of the most incredible experiences of our lives and we cannot thank you enough for all your support.

We raised just over £10,000!! Thank you to all who supported and donated.