In July 2017, 20 Warriors canoed from Nantwich to Chester to help raise money for a very special young girl named Elle, whom Liam and Simeon had the pleasure of meeting in May last year.

Here’s a little bit about Elle … Elle is only 11 years old and battles with Cystic Fibrosis and is a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital. She has persevered through invasive treatments and has undergone an 8-hour operation providing her with a life-saving transplant. Elle’s strength and high-spirit despite what she faces on a daily basis is admirable, and for this reason we are determined to support her on her journey. She is an inspiration to many CF sufferers and is keen to raise awareness about organ donation. She has even personally persuaded many families to sign up as organ donors.

So, after discovering all this information we knew we had to help out! Next thing: choose the challenge! With travelling to Chester from Nantwich most days, Liam and Simeon came up with the idea of canoeing down the canal from one to the other. We made a few phone calls and managed to get a company to donate some canoes and the challenge was set! We had 20 keen Warriors to come together and complete the challenge. Bearing in mind that none of us were even remotely experienced in canoeing, the first 20 minutes consisted of most of us spinning round in circles and a few near misses with narrow boats!

We were met by Elle’s family at our halfway point which gave us a massive boost when we really needed it. Hours upon hours passed by in the sweltering heat, but by sheer determination we made it to Chester and finished with a celebratory beer in the sun! Greeted by family members and supporters we loaded our boats back on the van to set off for home.

We raised just over £2000!! Thank you to all who supported and donated.